Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Glenlivet 1964 Cellar Collection

2004 Edition: 1964 release

Bottled 26th May 2004, in total 1,824 bottles will be released for sale from this exclusive Glenlivet selection. 15 casks were selected for this release which has been bottled at cask strength of 45.05% and without chill-filtration. Exceptional ageing of single malt whisky requires careful attention to ensure the wood does not overpower the original distillery character.

Mark Backhouse's comment: Due to the limited number of bottles originally produced - the The Glenlivet 1964 release is highly collectable and extremely rare to find.

Tasting Notes:

‘The Glenlivet 1964 Cellar Collection, Limited Edition, displays rich fruity aromas of raisins and ripe bananas; notes of sherry and walnuts interplay with a spicy oakiness. The palate is full and beautifully smooth with the perfect balance of sweet plums and the full floral extravagance of heather in bloom. The finish is rich and warming with a gentle fruity spiciness’.

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