Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The 4 John Jameson Masters

The Masters

We believe Jameson brings people together… In fact we believe that our 4 Jameson Reserves in particular, are a perfect example of how working together can achieve superb results. The Reserves have their origin in the world class craftsmanship and on-going collaboration of our 4 Masters… a meeting of minds to create something unique, to be enjoyed by people who love whiskey… After all, that’s what they are too! Here are some of their thoughts…

Barry Crockett ~ Master Distiller
“Learning to appreciate the pure, elemental character of whiskey, as I did under the guidance of my father, Max Crockett, who I succeeded as Master Distiller, is part of a life-long academy, from which I’m happy to say I will never finally graduate…”

Billy Leighton ~ Master Blender
“The very term ‘blend’ suggests the creation of something harmonious, balanced and fundamentally social… It draws on and draws together the finesse and artistry of distillation, the consistency of science and the generous dimensions bestowed by fine timber and time. A reserve whiskey is by its nature, true history in the making…”'
Brendan Monks ~ Master of Maturation
“The secret of maturation is knowing that the choice of cask, that will be home to the whiskey for a number of years, will imperceptibly nurture its fl avour, enhance its unique, unerring character and foster its generosity of spirit right through to the fi nish. A reserve whiskey inherits so much from time…”

David Quinn ~ Master of Whiskey Science
“There is undoubtedly an art to distilling whiskey… It brings together the mastery of the process with the mystery of its humble ingredients. It is this indefinable nature that makes a reserve whiskey far more than the sum of its parts.”

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